Saturday, September 29, 2007

Family Weekend at Roanoke College

Ya'll this weekend we are spending our 3 days at Roanoke College for Family weeked. My older Sister (Jenna) goes there so we are going down to visit her.
Oswego and Solly packed up and came with us.
Oswego did very well during the 3hour Car trip.

Today he is very exhausted he has been moving all morning and has missed his morning nap. Now is is taking a nap in Jenna's dorm. We went to watch a soccer game he did enjoy it, until he fell asleep.

Yesterday Oswego turned 4months.

We have to run Now to go out to eat. While we are doing that Oswego will be resting up.
ASAP i will put up the pictures of this weekend.

Talk to you later

Emily and Oswego

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