Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello Guys

Sorry for the no update I've been very busy!

The beginning of Feburary I was recovering from my surgery. That was a very weird exprience. The day after my surgery it snowed a ton! I love playing in snow! Its like white and fluffy and I can eat it! The day after my playing in the snow my surgery spot got infected so we had to visit the vet so I could get meds to help it. It was really hurtin! BUT Im now fully recovered and in full playing mode!

I haven't gone out in public lately because this white stuff makes us stuck in the house no one can go any where. Thats ok with me because I love having everyone home. You know what I have been missing ..... a dog! I have had no dogs to play with all week.

BTW my buddies Bouse, Eska and Pecos will be visitng me this week so I will be romping around in the snow with them all weekend!
I do have tons of pictures to show you


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy Bee

Hello Folks,

I'm typing up my blog before I head to bed... I had a busy day!

Today I went to church and I tried to behave I kinda acted goofy.. I wonder why.... oh! my mother didn't feed me before we went to I was kinda hungry!! I was not too happy about that, but when I got home I got lots of food and water so I was satisified with that.

Then I had puppy class that was very exciting I got lots of treats and I got to hang out with my buddies!. I was so happy to see Bliss, Bouse, Caleb, Custer, Kahn, Stintson and Pecos!!! I love my CCI pals... speaking of pals my best buddy John came over last night to play with me that was exciting!.

This week is a big week for me! I'm geting neuter, not sure what that is but I guess I will find out soon. So most my week will be recovering..

I had dinner now its time for bed!.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hello guys!

I have some fanastic news to tell you! I get to stay with my PR family for an extra three months. I was suppose to be turned in May 2010 I got a notice saying I do not have to go to college til Aug 2010. Which means I get to spend all summer with my PR family. I'm sure I will get to go on many adventures. Oh now that my mommy has a camera that works I'm sure she will be documenting all my activities.

I went to puppy class the other week, that was such an easy class. Guess what though!! I got treats for things I already know how to do. I got to hang out with Bliss, shes in training too, and shes a cutie ;).

Yesterday I had a presentation to do at a church, many kids were there to see me and my buddy Finney. I was the demo dog I showed off all my commands, while Mr. Finney laid there getting all the attention.

At the end of January I'm getting surgery for something I think something(s) getting amputated not sure what just I hope its not my legs.

Then next month its an exciting month some of my "college" professors (CCIU) are coming down to do some big workshop, I think that means I get to see a bunch of my classmates haha. PAWTY PAWTY time!
I got to go to bed now!! I'm exhausted!
Night nnight

Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Day Mates!


I'm doing well updating my blog!

Yesterday Jan 10 I went to church, I think I like going to church and I also think my family has learned not to leave me at home when they are at church. Reason WHY? Last Sunday the family was in a rush to go to church and Emily put me in the crate, but guess what?? this crate has two openings. Well she locked the front one. I think I waited til they left the neighborhood ( i could hear when they left it, i have super ears) and I saw my mommy wasn't too smart she forgot to lock the side one. Oh my goodness I had a blast having the house to myself. Me and the house had a party. I checked out the trash cans not too much good stuff in there besides tissues (yummy). Then I went downstairs and decided to check out a gift basket with lots of paper ALREADY shredded even better for me. In the baskets I ate unpopped popcorn, tootsi rolls, paper, gummies, and more paper! Unfornately what goes in most come out, I believe thats why the next three days of "hurrying" was rough.

Oh when family got home I was so excited to see them I brought them a roll of toliet paper!! so exciting.

Thats reason I went to church yesterday. It was fun though I got petted by alot of kids. Some reason kids like hairy things on four legs weird but I'm loving it!

AND thats my sunday!

Monday January 11 I went to a coffee get together with Emily's mom ( grandmom) and a her friend. I was behaved besides the practicing "lap" too much, with out being told. I have to work on listening better. I just enjoy being on peoples laps. I don't get why they don't always like it. I think it maybe that I leave hair all over them, but hey thats my gift to them so when they leave they got a little of me.! After I got home it was time to relax in front of the door , sunbathing.

Catch you laters


That is my mentor Solly who visits once and awhile. Solly didn't make it because he had some scary issues..Hes giant!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 Resolution

OK! Hello Folks!

My new years resolution:

Update blog more

Attend puppy class


Today was an awesome day I got to spend the day at a field running around, John threw the ball around for me to chase good excerise!. Then we went to Petco to get me big boy food. I was told when I turn 1 years old I switch to Eukanunba Adult Large Breed food. John was nice enough to even brush me with the furminator!!! It felt so great!!! He's a keeper!
Also I was weighed today I NOW weigh 61 lbs!!! WOOT!
Night night... time to go in my "kennel"

Friday, January 08, 2010

Hercules celebrates 1 year !!

Hello guys! This is Hercules!

I haven't been on a while because I've been busy eating like a goat! Yes I have to admit I do enjoy eating everything in sight!

Update on me I just turned 1 January 5th; I had big emergency surgery in October; i got a skin infection; I finally have gained weight now weighing 57lbs!. My mommy has been seeing a guy that loves to spoil me, and he like rolling around on the floor with me, hes good!. It snowed a ton in December and I got to run around in it! I get to go out in public more!. I have 5 month til college! I dont think I'm quite ready for it, All my family members have been home for the holidays which is awesome!

Life is going well!!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

UpDATING Finally

Big Sorry for No update!

Hercules is doing well! He is now 40lbs and still growing!

This past week Hercules got his offical CCI vest, so now Hercules can go out in public.

Hercules now goes to church and to the outdoor mall with us.

Hercules has a personality like Oswego which is good, very laid back, and follows directions well.

Next month some one will be getting neuter and will be celebrating 6months old.

BIG NEWS!: Hercules breedercare taker came by to visit him. She rode across the US on bike!.

We have some really good pictures of our handsome boy!

Update later (hopefully haha)