Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hello guys!

I have some fanastic news to tell you! I get to stay with my PR family for an extra three months. I was suppose to be turned in May 2010 I got a notice saying I do not have to go to college til Aug 2010. Which means I get to spend all summer with my PR family. I'm sure I will get to go on many adventures. Oh now that my mommy has a camera that works I'm sure she will be documenting all my activities.

I went to puppy class the other week, that was such an easy class. Guess what though!! I got treats for things I already know how to do. I got to hang out with Bliss, shes in training too, and shes a cutie ;).

Yesterday I had a presentation to do at a church, many kids were there to see me and my buddy Finney. I was the demo dog I showed off all my commands, while Mr. Finney laid there getting all the attention.

At the end of January I'm getting surgery for something I think something(s) getting amputated not sure what just I hope its not my legs.

Then next month its an exciting month some of my "college" professors (CCIU) are coming down to do some big workshop, I think that means I get to see a bunch of my classmates haha. PAWTY PAWTY time!
I got to go to bed now!! I'm exhausted!
Night nnight

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