Monday, January 11, 2010

Good Day Mates!


I'm doing well updating my blog!

Yesterday Jan 10 I went to church, I think I like going to church and I also think my family has learned not to leave me at home when they are at church. Reason WHY? Last Sunday the family was in a rush to go to church and Emily put me in the crate, but guess what?? this crate has two openings. Well she locked the front one. I think I waited til they left the neighborhood ( i could hear when they left it, i have super ears) and I saw my mommy wasn't too smart she forgot to lock the side one. Oh my goodness I had a blast having the house to myself. Me and the house had a party. I checked out the trash cans not too much good stuff in there besides tissues (yummy). Then I went downstairs and decided to check out a gift basket with lots of paper ALREADY shredded even better for me. In the baskets I ate unpopped popcorn, tootsi rolls, paper, gummies, and more paper! Unfornately what goes in most come out, I believe thats why the next three days of "hurrying" was rough.

Oh when family got home I was so excited to see them I brought them a roll of toliet paper!! so exciting.

Thats reason I went to church yesterday. It was fun though I got petted by alot of kids. Some reason kids like hairy things on four legs weird but I'm loving it!

AND thats my sunday!

Monday January 11 I went to a coffee get together with Emily's mom ( grandmom) and a her friend. I was behaved besides the practicing "lap" too much, with out being told. I have to work on listening better. I just enjoy being on peoples laps. I don't get why they don't always like it. I think it maybe that I leave hair all over them, but hey thats my gift to them so when they leave they got a little of me.! After I got home it was time to relax in front of the door , sunbathing.

Catch you laters


That is my mentor Solly who visits once and awhile. Solly didn't make it because he had some scary issues..Hes giant!

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