Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello Guys

Sorry for the no update I've been very busy!

The beginning of Feburary I was recovering from my surgery. That was a very weird exprience. The day after my surgery it snowed a ton! I love playing in snow! Its like white and fluffy and I can eat it! The day after my playing in the snow my surgery spot got infected so we had to visit the vet so I could get meds to help it. It was really hurtin! BUT Im now fully recovered and in full playing mode!

I haven't gone out in public lately because this white stuff makes us stuck in the house no one can go any where. Thats ok with me because I love having everyone home. You know what I have been missing ..... a dog! I have had no dogs to play with all week.

BTW my buddies Bouse, Eska and Pecos will be visitng me this week so I will be romping around in the snow with them all weekend!
I do have tons of pictures to show you


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