Friday, January 08, 2010

Hercules celebrates 1 year !!

Hello guys! This is Hercules!

I haven't been on a while because I've been busy eating like a goat! Yes I have to admit I do enjoy eating everything in sight!

Update on me I just turned 1 January 5th; I had big emergency surgery in October; i got a skin infection; I finally have gained weight now weighing 57lbs!. My mommy has been seeing a guy that loves to spoil me, and he like rolling around on the floor with me, hes good!. It snowed a ton in December and I got to run around in it! I get to go out in public more!. I have 5 month til college! I dont think I'm quite ready for it, All my family members have been home for the holidays which is awesome!

Life is going well!!!!!

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