Wednesday, October 17, 2007

hey, hey hey school!!!

Hey ya'll guess what Oswego came to my Veterinary Science Class today. They were going do babysit him for the rest of the day since no one was at home to baby sit him!
Oswego loved the FERRETS! ALl he wanted to do was chase them and play with them!.
He wasn't sure about the chinchilla, he was kinda smacking it around! The cat in the room slapped Oswego a couple of time, of Course of oswego didn't get the clue, but that our boy!

He was so exhausted after yesterday!

On sunday Oswego went to the ST. Francis Blessing of the Animals and he did great!

Oswego has learned to Speak and Shake! He loves doing those. I like using the Shake command to get SOlly's attention!

We have to go talk to you Later

Oswego and Emily

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