Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Pictures

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Anonymous said...

She eats about 3 cups a day. I don't measure it out exactly, I vary it slightly depending on how much exercise she got that day.

But she gets 2 milk bones a day, one after I get home from school (she spends 5 hours in her crate)and then one right before bed.

She weighs about 52 pounds, and my vet says she could stand to gain another 5, however CCI likes their dogs on the smaller side so we will stay how we are.

However when she went through her last growth spurt she went up to 4 cups for about 1/2 a week. Which I will do again when she hits her next growth spurt.

Do you train Oswego with his food as treats? Or separate. Onalee gets her food, plus her treats, and I just make sure she gets a good walk in, which balances everything out but gives her the calories from her treats which helps her stay the way she is.

If you want to talk more, let me know! You can always email me:)