Monday, November 12, 2007

James River Bus tour

Hey guys!
Yesterday we had a CCI outting, One of the puppy raisers got a James River Bus for us, so the pups could ride around town in it. Oswego did a great Job, he just followed Solly.
It was funny when we were trying to take a picture in front of the Christmas tree, in the Science Musuem, we had to try to get 10 dogs to stay still just to take a picture. Thinking that these pups are already trained we thought it would take only a minute. That minute turned into 20minutes. It was soo funny, But Oswego and Solly stayed put the entire time which was AWESOME, this one pup Peg refuse to sit next to a service dog it was funny!, Then we had an anti social pup,that would be MR. Sherman, we had a couple pictures of him with his butt first. But finally we got the picture we wanted!
Oswego meet another black lab like him, he name was Zellic 3months old, yes another CCI pup!
I have all the pictures on our other computer I will upload them sometime soon.

See ya!

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