Monday, November 19, 2007

Just Oswego (pictures too)

I do not think Oswego has figured it out, that Solly has left. I think he think Solly is on Vacation and will be back.

Yesterday, we brought out all the puppy toys. We had put them away because Solly would rip them apart. We gave Oswego about 10 new toys. He didn't know what to do....which one to play with. We did some training with him.... he is a very smart boy!

Here are some pictures of the weekend.

First pictures are ones at my Aunts house. With Her two labs. Black Lab Clayton/ Yellow Lab Nick.

Lunch time!!! Last picture with them together/until graduation

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Rebekah Kuper said...

Hi Emily! Bekah has just made a blog herself to track her 18 month journey. We found yours while looking for other CCI folks. Too cool! We loved your videos. You have inspired us. We'll be watching your progress with Oswego and look forward to hearing about Solly's progress. Mrs. Kuper