Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Counting Down Days


We are starting to count down the days until Oswego goes under the knife. Yes. Its that time.

Knowing Oswego I don't think hes going to really care about it.

Oswego, doesn't worry about much, except dinner time. Which is a good thing, Over the Holiday's Oswego turned 7 months.

Oswego has been learning how to Roll. Hasn't gotten the hang of it.

Oswego has also been starting something new. COUNTER SURFING. The reason he does it is because he is always on the look for dirt to eat. The dog is a dirt devil. Everytime he comes inside he has dirt up his nose. Its funny, but gross. He always smells bad because of the dirt. But we love him!

I hope everyones year has started off great!

Talk to you later

Oswego and I with my Grandfather behind us.

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Lisa & Runza said...

Ah, poor Oswego. But, that means you're growing up! What a good boy, so handsome!