Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well, the verdict was Oswego has bacteria on his chin, that was turning into an infection.
Luckily we can treat it with 4 pills a day and medicated shampoo. Good news he weighs 59lbs.
He was excitied to be a the vet clinic.
Unfornatelty the medicine were giving him make him drowsy. Thats not a good thing, he is always tired enough, know he is just sleeping all the time. Doc. Said its going to take 10days to heal, and hopefully it won't show up again.
If so it would be allergies, and when CCI hears allergies they are out!

Lets cross paws and hope it heals and we will never see it again!

Emily and Oswego

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Cassie said...

They aren't always out.

It depends on what kind of allergies - food, pollen, shampoo and if it can be managed.

I know of a few graduates that had allergies and it's managable.