Saturday, March 29, 2008

Uh Oh New puppy

ok....So were talking about a new puppy to raise. Another puppy raiser called my co-raiser (my mom) and asked if she wanted to co-raise with her. Except the problem is that I wanted a new puppy in Mid-July so i don't know if that will put me at risk of not getting a puppy.
My reason for getting a puppy is for my senior portraits. I would love for Oswego and a new yellow puppy to be in the picture with me. We will have to see about all the co-raising stuff, cause we can't forget that we have Oswego to deal with. We don't want the puppy to mess up Oswego growing up stage.
So we got to do discussing.

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Anonymous said...

You wanted a Hilani puppy you said???

It might affect it, you'd have to talk to your PPM, because there can only be a certain amount of overlap and dogs assigned to one person.

I might be pushing it with Onalee's turn in in November, although I think she'll be pulled in August, which will be 1 month of overlap.

I haven't gotten offical word when she'll turn in, they're waiting to see how well she progresses. I have a hunch it's August.

What other O's are in August?? Any clue?