Monday, April 07, 2008

School, and trip to Washington DC

Oswego has been very busy lately.
Last week oswego went to 'Real" school, with me. He did a great job! Didn't mind all the kids, that acted like they never seen a dog. I love having a black lab because I can sneak pass rooms with out kids noticing Oswego. OSwego does well when walking in the halls with a lot of students. My only worries is his bathroom issues. I make him go potty before going into the building but knowing Oswego he probably have to go again. So iam very carefully about watching him.
He loves sleeping, as soon as I sit down he goes to sleep. I think Oswego just went through another growth spurt. Everyone who had seen him the week before was surprised it was Oswego cause he was bigger. I know he has filled in more, but not grown tall.
Oswego has been spending time with other puppy raisers and thats great. They only complaint was about is whining. He also freaks out about big doors and his tail. When he was younger we got his tail caught in a heavy door, so hes very precauous about it
Oswego gets the greatest opportunity this coming week. A puppy raiser has invited him to go up to Washington Dc for a special convention thing. Solly our first puppy got to go with this puppy raiser last year, and he had a blast. The puppy raiser Jane, can't take her puppies because they are to young, right now she is puppy less. Washington DC will be great for Oswego to experience noise, crowds and work on his manners. I hope he gets to experience the Metro system. I know when Solly went he was distracted by birds and the planes flying.
So this week iam going to be puppy less!!! Except Iam not ...... I will be going to take this opportunity to do some dog sitting, so i can make some money for puppy #3

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