Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Well Oswego has a new issue. He freaks out about doors, when he was younger he got his tail caught in a double door. We thought he gotover it but just this passed month Oswego is freaking out about doors opening and closing near him. He very unsure of doors, when his incident happened we didn't baby him we just continue doing what we were doing.

Today I feed him in between double doors, it took him a few minutes to eat his dinner, he was very focused on the door. The reason for feeding him dinner there was he had two freak incidents in one week.

- Sunday he was coming into the porch and I was holding the door for him, it moved alittle and he threw himself into the porch table set. I think he thought it was going to shut on him.

- Today he was resting near our pantry when someone went over to open the door and he jumped 2ft off the ground. I know it surprised him but it was a bigger surprise when he saw it was a door.

So our goal is positive reinforcement around the doors, and getting him to relax.

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Rebekah Kuper said...

Wow! I can't even tell you how long it took Elton to get over his fears of the stairs. I hope you can work Oswego's fears out. By the way, I just put up a new blog post the other day. Check it out!