Sunday, May 18, 2008


Oswego's story.

Hello, ya'll I went to bed just like an old time, I guess it was 2am when I woke up, I went down stairs to find my mommy in her hand was a yellow puppy. How many people come home at night with a puppy? I was alittle confused, this yellow fur ball just comes walking in my house thinking she owns the place, well I had to show her who's boss in the house, a gave her a nip and then kinda of ran her over. I didn't mean to hurt her I just wanted to show that Iam here. I don't like her much because she has a different sense in her. I think she may be staying for good. My mommy does pet sitting so Iam use t dogs going and coming, oh well not this one.

Yesterday my mother got all dressed up, because she had a Prom(?) I don't know what that is, but something where you get dressed up and a man brings roses. I even got my picture taken with her,I didn't show up to well cause he dress was navy blue.
But it was all good til puppy showed up, Oh yes puppy has name Mardene.

Thats it from my big mouth

pictures coming soon

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