Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy boy!

Hi guys, I have been so busy lately. You know what I've been doing. Busy playing and working, my day is filled with 45% playing, 20% work, and 35% eating and sleeping. HEHE. I really know how to get Mardene tired. My mom knows how to get me tired too! She works me, I have to walk around with a gentle leader on, without complaining its hard stuff. Then yesterday she made me lay down for FOREVER (30minutes) with out moving. I think I was suppose to stay there. Being a working dog is tough! haha. I only have one bad thing to say, I learned how to drink out of the toilet!. But I think my mom is trying to prevent me because! every time I find the toilet it is shut!.
Mom told me if I hurry outside every time, my reward is some water. Which works out for me!

I got a picture of my brother Hyde today, and boy he is a big boy! I hope to be big like him too!

Have a GRRREAT! Day

-Hercules aka "Water Boy"

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Barrett's mom said...

Sounds like you are doing really well Hercules! Barrett hated the Gentle Leader too when he was first introduced to it. He still rubs a bit on people but he loves putting it on for a treat. I look forward to seeing more pictures of you!