Friday, March 13, 2009


Hello my name is Hercules III, I'm a Golden Lab cross, I was born January 5, 2009. My parents are Luna and Camden. Mommy is a pure golden and daddy is a yellow lab with a big head. I'm in training to be a service dog for Canine Companions for Independence. Not sure what that is yet but I will find out later on in my life. I flew from Santa Rosa California, boy! can I say that was an adventure 10hrs by myself in a big crate and loud noises. I was so excited to be on land, and not moving.

I was greeted at the airport my new mommy, Emily who will be taking care of me for the next part of my life. Emily has a sister named Rachel and a mommy named Susan. I was also greeted by Mardene. Mardene ....I guess will be my sister for the next year, I think so. Mardene I think is in the same program that I'am in. She had a vest on, and was working.

I was so happy to see another dog, at first I thought Mardene was my mommy and had to check her out underneath I learned fast that she wasn't Mardene turned around and told me fast.

After all the greetings and flashes ( not sure what it was), I had a 20 minute drive to my real home, that seemed forever. I cried alittle on the way home, but eventually I settled down.

Once we got home I had more people that wanted to greet me, so I just did what I do best and look ADORABLE. FINALLY I got to eat dinner and go to sleep until 11pm, thats when I wanted to play again but everyone else was sleeping. Mardene didn't want to play with me.

Since I been here I have learn to be more independent, there so much to check out. I am getting called by this weird name, HERCULES. Hey whenever I look at Emily when she says that crazy name I get a treat. YEPPIE!!!

As you can figure out I'm in charge of my blogging. So enjoy. I believe its time for my nap.

I have put up pictures of mommy and daddy, and a few of my siblings.


Madison and Andros said...

1st post looks good! Remember if you need to keep the Horizontal pictures all the way to the left(or center), otherwise you can't see them! Nice to meet you Hercules!

CCI pup said...

Ah yes, I didn't even notice that.

Coreena and Eva said...

It looks great! Welcome Hercules and good luck to Oswego in AT!