Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello my friends, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing great!

Its been raining all weekend, so that mean't that I did not get hang outside too much. BUT luckily Sunday it was like really really warm, and sunny. I enjoyed it, I got to hang outside and play alot. Mommy took me on a walk around the neighborhood. Also yesterday I got to go to church and met people. I think I wasn't offically working, I was just being cute. I got passed around to a bunch of people, alot of people were kissing me and petting me. Yesterday was long, and I enjoyed it!.

This upcoming this week in the blog:

First Vet visit

Pictures and Videos

So be checking it out through the week


Barrett's mom said...

Great to hear an update! I can't wait to see more pictures. Sounds like you are having fun. I clicked on all your ads.

chloud9 said...

Hi, I am a first time puppy raiser for New Horizons. I too am blogging about the experience. It looks like my puppy, Ledger and Hercules are the same age. Hercules is super cute. Have fun!

Rebecca, Ely, and Sherman said...

All of my puppies have loved going to church too. I hope he has a good first vet trip! He is too cute!