Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A whole week.

Hello, my friends guess what ?????

I have been here, in Richmond, for a whole 7 days. YUPPIE!!!!
Today the sun came out , and it was so exciting. I got to run around the block, and play with a few of my two legged friends.
Yesterday my mom introduced me to a thing called a gentle leader. Its this string thing that goes on my nose and around my head. Its a little weird but great thing is that I get to wear it every time I eat so I forget about it easily. Also in the mail, I got my baby cape. Its like a fabric thing that just goes on me. I think I look great in it, even though it does not fit, hopefully I will grow into it.

This coming Sunday will be my first puppy class, not sure what to expect, but I heard that many dogs will be there.


Madison and Andros said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Can't wait to see some cape photos!

Lauren said...

Hahahaha he looks like he keeps you busy. And that's a fun thing! Good luck with him, he's so cute!

Barrett's mom said...

I clicked on all of your ads! Hercules is adorable. Happy puppy raising!