Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Adventures

Hey guys, sorry for the no update. I have been enjoying this nice weather lately.

Last weekend I went camping, it was really exciting because I was in the woods. I could run free, smell everything, and drinking everything. It was a long drive.

I went to my very first non-CCI puppy class, and boy there were many dogs of different shapes, sizes and colors! It was awesome. Of course I was the best behaved boy there. Thanks to my mom who has control of me.

I now weigh in at 30lbs, and I have giant rabbit legs haha. Now that I'm old enough I can go socialize more with other dogs. I went to a house and chased a dog around and drink as much water as I could. Speaking of water I drank so much that I could hear my tummy jiggle hehe.

I know now sit, down, wait, release. Slowly learning speak. I do all my business outside, and behave inside (sometimes).

Mommy has to get some pictures up but they will be up soon.

From mommy: Oswego, who use to own this blog is now in Team Training, and has a very high chance of graduating as a service dog! May 16 in Long Island New York. Its very exciting!!

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