Friday, August 03, 2007

Being small and cute is not fair!!

being cute and young is not fair because i had to stay at home in my crate, While Solly went out to a baseball game not FAIR! Oh well.

Iam going to be away for 2 weeks because my puppy raisers are at the Beach.

But hear enjoy my pixs


ps. Solly loves me now

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Anonymous said...

Some say, yes, but she doesn't interact with people, and she doesn't actually walk through the stores. We carry her, and then she lays down by our feet when we are stopped.

She only socializes with Gavin and my cat at this point in time, and is getting her second set of shots in a week. I need to get them early because we have a wedding to go to and she needs to attend, can't leave her home for 9 hours.

In any case, I am careful, but early exposure isn't a bad thing. Helps to me know how she will respond when she's too big to handle, pick up and remove from the situation.

Caution is all it takes. She's a healthy happy pup, I would notice any signs right away. And none have come up, solid poops, good eyes, energetic. If something changes, it'll stop but unless she's directly put into something that will make her sick (dog parks, other crates, other dog poop areas) she shouldn't get sick. Not from people anyway, or puppies would be sick when they get to us half the time.