Monday, August 20, 2007

Iam finally home!

After moving around to puppy raisers so many times while we were on vacation . Oswego is now home with us. He hasn't grown much, but is having food problems, Oswego is on energetic puppy. He is very vocal compared to our other puppy. He is learning to respond to his name. He knows how to sit, and wait very well. He is going to the vet tomorrow for his very first round of shots.

His cci buddies Alexandra, and Abba are over cause their prs are away on vacation.

Oswego visited where i worked today. When he gets older Solly and Oswego can hang out at work with me. We are trying to sign Oswego up for puppy class asap

Here are some pictures hope you enjoy them. jealous Solly!
Black dogs!

Upside down boy!


See ya!
oswego and family

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