Tuesday, August 28, 2007



Oswego and the family just got back from Roanoke College. The oldest sister Jenna was heading back for her second year. Oswego and SOlly got to hang out in a dorm and watch everyone move in. Oswego was the center of attention everyone loved Oswego and Oswego loved the attention. He was very good in the 3hour car trip slept the entire way.

Tonight Oswego is going to puppy class. He is learning lots but has not really stuck to him. He kows his name, sit, and wait. We need to work more with him but have not had the chance lately. Because we have had 2 CCI pups over that we have been watching and that was hecked. But Oswego did enjoy playing with them. I love it Oswego thinks he is a 70lb dog trying to play rought but nope.

I will put up more pictures.

After Sept 1st i will be putting up more pictures then post. and once or twice a month i will right an update

Emily and Oswego

ps. How do you link other peoples websites

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Colby Atkins said...

You can link to other blogs by going to the "Customize" button in the upper right hand of your blog and then clicking "add a page element" and then "link list"...hope that helps. Glad Oswego's doing well--he's adorable :-) Colby and Orianna~