Monday, November 26, 2007


Hey guys, we have been very busy. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Oswego enjoyed thanksgiving, he was happy to have alot of people over. He likes excitement.

Recently we have been dealing with a bad ear infection, in both ears. He is currently taking ear drops twice a day, they have improved alittle. Oswego has those big Golden ears, so he is going be more prone to ear infections. Sad to say its effecting his hearing. We have to repeat ourselfs alot, and we know he knows his commands, he just can not hear us. Hopefully it will go away when the infections is gone.
On Saturday Oswego go his big boy vest, the vest that allows him to go out in public. The first place he went was to church, of course everyone was excitied to meet OZZIE. It was a good thing we got the vest before church, cause every time we go to church everyone expects us to have a dog with us. Since Solly left we weren't able to take a dog on errands with us. It was so weird without a dog. Shopping went faster then usually, I didn't have people asking us questiong and stuff, but I am glad we can take Oswego out.
Yesterday Oswego went out to eat with us. It was causal, place, so it was good to work with Oswego. He did great!!!!!! Then after that instead of Oswego's morning nap, we were outside raking leaves. Oswego hated the leave blower he hid in the garage. But we will work with him more on it. The neighbors were over at our house there little kids, and Oswego had a blast chasing them around. It was about 4pm, I was surprised that Oswego didn't collaspe cause he has been on the move since 6am. Then we had to distribute flyers and we took Oswego on a walk, that was a good 30minutes walk. As soon as we got home Oswego eat dinner and fell asleep. We put him to bed at 8pm and he slept the entire night, which was GREAT!
This morning Oswego went to school with me. We left him in the Kennel room for a 5minutes which was a bad Idea, he ripped everything apart. I was left to clean it up. Oswego May have seperation anixety.

Now he is Sleeping


Rebekah Kuper said...

Very Sorry to hear about his ear infections. I hope he will get better soon. We can really learn a lot from your blog. Thanks. Bekah


Hey, I want to add you to my blog, is that alright?
Love meeting other puppy riasers!

Anonymous said...
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Runza said...

Good luck on the ear infection. Can I add you to my blog?