Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Busy BOY

Oswego has been so busy, running errands, and christmas shopping.
Oswego has been great! In public, he doesn't really care, about loud noises, and different types of surfaces, I say he has no expression/reaction, towards anything.
Oswego, only had almost an accident. We were shopping and all the sudden to started to squat, well, I knew so I picked him up, and walked fast, towards the exit, well once we were outside he had to do a #2. It was a good save!.

He is still dealing, with ear problems, Ear drops once a day.

His training, has been going well. We Just started intermidate class.
Oswego just finally learned Kennel, with out any hand signals.
We are trying to do roll, he doesn't like doing it on command, but he does it all the time, when he is playing.
Oswego does not play fetch (" what kind of lab is this"?). He does like fetching his food bowl, which he shouldn't be doing.
My guess is he weighs about 41lbs.

Sad news we just heard that Oswego's brother Oregon just got released. Thats sad, but Oregon will have fun being a pet!

Its been getting very cold here. BUt i wish it would SNOW. I love to watch dogs react to snow. BUt living in Virginia, you never know.

Oswego does not like the cold. He's a big CHICKEN! Does not like going out at night, we have encourage him to go. Half then time he doesn't even go to the grass he does it on our porch stairs
I don't know if he is scared or he is just being L`A`Z`Y.

I have made an appointment for Oswego neutering. we say its his "christmas present" jokingly

Well I have to run talk to you guys later

WEGO and EMily

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