Monday, December 10, 2007

Photogenic Dog

Hey guys!
This weekend, Oswego and I went to the Grand Opening of PetCo. Since we were the first 30 customers we got free professional Pictures.
Oswego made it easier for the photographer, we watched someone else ahead of us, and it took them 4ever!!! Thanks to Oswego's good commands, all he did was Sit and Stay. I will upload Oswego's picture sometime soon.

Oswego has just learned how to carry stuff around. And drop.
This morning, Oswego was carrying around stuff animals, he was carrying shoes. I think he rearranged everything he could pick up. Since its the morning he has zoomies, and he is willing to do anything for breakfast. aka dinner. Oswego knows when its time to eat cause we alway ask him if its dinner time. Doesn't matter what time of day it is but he knows, dinner = food.

Emily and Oswego

ps. I have finished christmas shopping for Oswego. Hes going to Love his new "items"

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