Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oswego's Picture

Here are pictures taken by a Professional Photographer, This was done at PetCo.


Runza said...

Oh wow!!! THose are SO nice. I love the one of him with the presents! And the close up! What a sweet face.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes! She is becoming all grown up. I can't believe it. 6 1/2 months, time does fly.

Well as everyone always says, boys mature slower than girls - seems to be that way with every species.

I still think Onalee is the biggest of the 11. Haven't heard much from any other O's - other than Colby with Orianna. And we all know Onalee is much bigger than her! She's a petite little thing, would be nice...would be nice.

Nice pictures - he looks good! Did you get some more weight on him like you wanted??

Erin & Midnight said...

Ack how they grow! Seems just a couple of post ago that he was all teeny!

Rebekah Kuper said...

Love the close-up picture. He looks adorable! Bekah