Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's snowing!!!!!!!!1

Oswego came back to use yesterday. He had a long night. It was alot of moaning and whinning. He had a hard night. He was also upset he couldn't eat a full meal. He had to take it easy.
The doctor told us that Oswego has glue not stiches, so be careful. He can't go roll in the snow.
Its so beautiful.

I will get a picture up soon!!!!!!!!

Emily and Wego


Rebekah Kuper said...

Hi Emily!

I hope Oswego is healing well from his surgery. It's still early in the winter so he'll still have plenty of time to play in the snow. How is Solly? We miss hearing from you. Elton is getting so big! He is such a cutey. We love him! We will put pics up soon so you can see how big he is getting. Bye!

Lisa & Runza said...

ah, feel better Soon Oswego!