Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hide n Seek

Hey guys.

Oswego and I would like to share a game we like to play
It's called Hide n Seek.

The game is an excerise game for the Sit, Stay, and Here commands.

Oswego loves this game so much!

Here's how we play.
1) Oswego Sits, and Stays
2) I go in a different room, hide behind curtains, chairs, Tables, anything
3) Oswego "release" "Here"
4) Oswego runs arounds around the house, whinning, and yelping( in a good way)
5) Once he finds me, I tell him sit, and he gets kibble.
6) Then we do it again except I make him stay in the same room he found you.

Hopefully if you do this with your dog, they aren't as vocal as Mr. Oswego. He gets so frustrated sometime that he cries the entire time he's looking.

He's not to great at holding items, so we don't play fetch. Doesn't not like rolling.
But he's a pro at Here.

Hope you guys try it out.

Emily & Oswego

p.s. we didn't make it up CCI has it in their manual.
But it's the Game Oswego Plays alot

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Rebekah Kuper said...

Hi Emily! I totally have to try out that game with Elton. He'll probably go crazy!