Saturday, February 02, 2008



Oswego is now top dog in the house, which also means he is alone.

Solly went to his adoptive family today, and hopefully the 2week trial works out.

Oswego is confused. So to take his mind of the idea of Solly gone, we took him to "Dawgs in the Garden" is it out SPCA's local fundraiser. We went checked out all the dogs, Oswego was very tempted to eat treats off the ground, and say hi to every single dog that walked by. Other than that he was better than the Guide Eye dogs for the Blind, pups in training.

Now after that hour of excitment, he is exhausted, we put him down for a nap now.

Here are some pictures.


Rebekah Kuper said...

I didn't know that Solly was going to be leaving. I thought you were going to adopt him. I know you said was attached to him. Is she sad?

Rebekah Kuper said...

I meant to say, I know your mom was attached to him but I missed the "your mom" part. Sorry.