Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brave Boy!

Today Oswego was very Brave.
Today while playing fetch out of the middle of Nowhere a pitbull came up and tried attack him. I was so mad at the dog. I tried to keep them seperate. The pitbull was going for Oswego's legs, biting at him. My guess was he wanted Oswego to fight back.
Oswego reacted very well, he just curled up and was very submissive. All he did was whimper/cry. It tramatized him for the day. He had his tail tucked under him for the longest time.

The Owner of the pit bull was very irresponsible. Not watching and their dog, especially off leash. I was shocked how the owner did nothing to help us.

Luckily Oswego did not get hurt, just scaried him.
I am going to watch him closely so hasn't cause him to fear anything.

Oswego is just sleeping.

Emily and Wego
This week Oswego is going to another puppy raiser's house for the week. So I hope he doesn't ever remeber the Pitbull while he's there. I will just tell them to keep a lookout.


Lisa & Runza said...

Poor Oswego. How traumatic. I'm glad he is okay. I am sure he'll bounce back and continue to not have fear issues, especially with dogs.

CONOVER said...

Was Oswego on a leash?