Monday, February 18, 2008

Feb. 11-16

Last Week was an adventure for Oswego.
On Monday we dropped him off the stay at another puppy raisers home. He stayed there all week. He got to go on alot of errands, and he even went to vote on Tuesday. He spent most the week going back and forth to place to place. He hung out at a dance school for awhile didn't really enjoying it because of all the noise and tapping.
On Friday he came home, and was so tired....... That night i discovered that Oswego had an allergic reaction to something at the puppy raisers house. He has hives all over his chin. It was swollen and red. So were keeping a close eye on it. We are still puzzled on what would have cause that break out.
Saturday We had the pet Expo. It's our local humane society's big event of the year. Like 500-700 people show up with there pets. CCI had a table there, and we worked the table from 9-4.
While we were there Oswego passed his CANINE GOOD CITIZENSHIP TEST we were so happy for him. Especially since he wasn't even with us all week.
Best part of the Expo was meeting Elton and his family. Elton was so adorable. Makes me want to get a puppy again. His puppy raisers are very sweet. Elton looked just like Solly, with huge feet and big ears. I just loved it!
We got Oswego a special present it was a Tuxedo. So he could wear it to church and look very handsome.

To Top the week off Alexandria a CCI pup came over to visit Oswego. Alexandria is Oswego lover. They were both adorable. Alex looks like Oswego's sister except that she is twice as old.

Now Oswego is recovering from the weekend.

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