Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Report....then story

Sorry, I haven't gotten the report up, we have been so busy going places and going to Veterinary Emergency clinics(long story).

Oswego did great in Washington DC, he had one potty accident. Jane said that he did very well, wasn't distracted by much. He loved getting dressed up with his tuxedo to the formal ball.
He got a present for being so good, he got a cardinal red collar, very cute!
We also got a present from Jane for letting her borrow Oswego, it was a dog tail you hang up on the wall and it holds leashes, very cute she got it at Ikea.

Last Wednesday it was just a long day.
By the end of the day we found out the difference between XYITOL vs SORBITOL.

That afternoon Oswego went up stairs to find me because I was cleaning my room, well he went into the wrong room, and had Diarrhea!. Well after that he felt much better and decided to rip everything of the dresser......Well in that mess he found a container with SUGAR FREE GUM/MINTS and ate it. Well that gave my my mother and I panic attack.....so we called the ASPCA Animal food Poision Control....they weren't much help....we called out vet and they said INDUCE VOMIT
(aftering hearing stories about what xyitol can do to your pets(scary)
After 4tablespoons of Hydro Perioxide, Oswego threw up 4cups worth of food and junk.......We could see what else Oswego had eaten that day that he wasn't suppose to.
Well we didn't see gum or mints, we thought it dissolved. Oswego hungout in the Bathtub for an hour. We noticed after letting him out he still wasnt right.

His gums were pale, very lethargic and dark urine. We took him to emergency vet clinic. We took the half eaten candy container.

Luckily the vet said that the gum/mints had sorbitol, not xyitol. Surprisingly Ice Breakers company doesn't use xyitol, because most do. Orbit,Wriggely, and Ice Cubes. So by the end of the night doctor said hydro perixoide made him very sickly. So Oswego went home with Flagyl and strict diet for meals.

For the next 2 days we cooked Oswego rice and chicken, until his stomach settled.

BAD news is that his bumps on his chins had reappeared, didn't have anything to do with his emergency thing.

Soo......SORBITOL makes diarrhea!! weird

What an exciting adventure :(

Your probably thinking we didn't need to take him to the Vet, we wanted to take extra precaution, we didn't care about paying an extra 200$ it was worth knowing that our boy was going to be ok, we learned stuff that evening.

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