Saturday, April 26, 2008

Another bad report dealing with Oswego's health

Well we went to puppy class this week, and our instructor asked if Oswego is

having hip problems. That got me worried I asked why and she said his legs are

very stiff in the back. When we were walking around the carpet floors we could

hear Oswego back legs shuffle/dragging sound. So of course I am very puzzled on

what could be going on in the back legs.

Of course I needed another person to look at his walking and watch his back legs.

My teacher at The Veterinary Science class, described his walk as if he was an Old

Man who couldn't bend there knees. He's not relaxed when walking.

Now that two people had looked at him, I was trying to think in the past.

I didn't like taking Oswego out in public because he could never keep up at my

pace. Iam not tall or fast it was like he was struggling to keep up.

So long time puppy raiser took him over this weekend to check it out and observe

him. If she does see something so will take him up to North East Region

headquarters in New York when the May turn-in is, so they can check him out and

do their own test. Hopefully this isn't going to effect his dream of becoming a

service dog.

We will find out the verdict tomorrow when we get him back.

emily-dogless for the weekend WHOA!!

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Thida said...

I haven't heard anything about sweet Oswego, and I've been thinking of him.
I'm sorry to read he might possibly have a problem that would affect his chances of becoming an assistance dog. I've enjoyed reading his blog. He sounds like a sweet dog who will make people happy whatever his career is.
Wags and licks,

Thida and SD Hermione