Friday, May 02, 2008

Summer is coming...

Today we went to check out the Build-Bear, and Oswego came with us. As soon as week started walking through the mall(outdoor) he was struggling with the heat of the sun. So I had to stop and let him cool off alot. Living in Virginia mid 80's is great! for the people. When the summer comes and its 95 degrees with 75% humidity Oswego is going to have to learn to deal with it. After being at the mall for an hour, the sun just exhausted him.
With the black labs we have to take extra precautions with the summer.
-I would sugguest carrying a spray bottle around. Spraying the bottom of the feet helps them cool over. Spraying the outter flap of the ear.
-Remember to watch out your dog, so they don't overheat.
-Always remeber to check the temperature of the pavement, make sure not to stand on black pavement too long. Example of easily doing that is when your talking to someone, just move on the the grass.
-Water, Water, Water

I personally don't remember being as worried with my yellow lab. I feel like I am not going to want to take Oswego on long outtings this summer. I hope he can adjust to this.

-Emily and Wego

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